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“From Bel-Air To Cal-Air”

Story by John Aschenberg
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Vikki Kitchen;s '57 Longroof

Long before the wagon craze became a fad, most of us never thought a station wagon could be made this cool. They were always thought of as just transportation, or for hauling the goods as well as the kids. When the wagon scene became hot well over ten years ago, some thought it would never last this long. Well to put it blunt, wagons are cool, and they're here to stay. Not only do they make a neat ride, but they're perfect for going to the car shows.

Italian Wicker, Floral Interior

Vikki Kitchens of Columbus, Ohio thinks so too, with her in your face '57 Chevy four door wagon. Thanks to a friend, Kitchens found her longroof in southern California where the body was in excellent condition with no interior, however considering it had sat in the dessert for over 30 years, Vikki knew she had to have it. In fact the last time it was titled and plated was back in 1964, a time span of 40 years of not being on the road. It was then hauled back to Columbus, where Vikki and her husband Garret, own Garrets Rod Shop. This is where the brainstorming took place, and a plan and a theme came together. The Bel-Air name was changed to Cal-Air due to the "California Dream Theme". Everything looks right in place with the Italian wicker / leather / floral interior, a home made surf board, and wicker suit cases.

Vikki Kitchen's Cal-Air