Project Shorty

"I always wanted my own hot rod"

Words by LIA Magazine Staff
Photos by all who helped with Project Shorty

  • Hi everyone. I am the one and only LIA Lady Julia. I always wanted my own hot rod when my husband and I got into freelancing for the automotive magazines over 25 years ago. When I was growing up I would watch any of my six brothers working on their cars and always thought when I got my license I would have a cool vehicle like them. That wasn't the case back then. My father wanted me to have a practicle and dependable car. So, that is what I bought. Now speed ahead to 2013. My husband and I were attending a local event had been hunting for a hot rod for me. We always were looking real hard at any of the major shows we'd attend for LIA Magazine - Ladies in Autosports. Little did we know that when I turned the corner to go down the block at our Dancing in the Streets event that I would find my ride. Well this is where it all began. I spoke with the gentleman, Troy. He really wasn't up to selling the 62 quite yet because this was July and he just bought it back in March. I kept talking to him that evening. We parted knowing that he diddn't want to sell the truck, however, that following Monday he called my husband and said the truck was mine if I still wanted it. Well, dah!! Yes, I felt it would be the perfect truck for me and the magazine. So, here we are almost a year later. This wasn't a ground up resto. We only wanted to make some minor modifications to make it road worthy for long distant trips. I want to share that I didn't do all the modifications on my own. I wouldn't be able to get the truck on the road by the first of July if I didn't have help. So, I called on my husband, John; daughter and grandchildred - Crystal, Adam, and Jessica; brothers - Jerry & Herb; and friend - Missy. I give a big thank you to all of them for helping me to make my deadline. So below is just the beginning of the minor transformation of what I call Ole Shorty!

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  • The first real important change for me was to put side mirrors!
    I elected to go with the original mirrors that came on the '62

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  • We marked the place for mirrors and drilled holes. After that we used a grinder and file to complete the opeing.

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  • We checked for the fit and finish several times before installing the mirrors

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  • Now with the passenger's side completed. We went to the driver's door.
    They look great and are fabulous to have!

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  • Next we fixed the dome light. Once we completed that is was on to installing a horn.

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  • We first had to find a live wire to tap into under the dash.
    Once we did that we attached the horn wire and taped all the wires together.
    Next we installed it in a pre-existing hole in the dash.
    We did this because the current column doesn't have the ability for a horn.

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  • Missy not only helped with going and getting parts;
    she also kept us all from working to late,
    snacks and those special drinks available to all of us,
    and helped with getting those evening meals on so everyone left with a full tummy!
    Thanks Missy from all of us!!

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  • Since it was getting more difficult to work on the truck,
    seeing how we needed to do things to the underneath side
    it was time to move the truck to the lift!

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  • Next things to do was hook up the turn signal lever, install new parking light
    assemblies and tailight pigtails. All of this consisted of running new wire to hook to the
    clamped on turn signal device on the column
    Thank you to my brother Herb who is a wiring guru on just about anything
    Yes, we had some problems, however, he was able to direct all through the wiring .

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  • Next on the agenda was to put the orignal door locks on both sides.
    Since we do a large amount of traveling this was a necessity!

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