“She always wanted an old truck”

Story by John Aschenberg & Linda Kitchens
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Linda Kitchens 49 Chevy back 3/4

Linda has a name for her truck, it’s called “Isn’t that Special”. The name came from Dana Carvey’s character of the “Church Lady” on Saturday Night Live. Since most of her working career has been in church secretarial positions, Linda was known as the church lady and thought it would only be fitting to name her truck that, since it is very special to her.

Linda's name of her truck stitched in side door panels Linda's truck bed

Now that the truck is retired from the ISCA circuit, the Kitchens have made some long hauls in it, making a 2400 mile round trip up to Pigeon Forge, TN for the Shades of the Past show of ‘2011. Brian Brennan at the show picked Linda’s truck as a Street Rodder Magazine’s Top 100 pick. It just goes to show you that with a lot of hard work and determination you can meet any goal you set. This is the story of Linda Kitchens and her truck, and the memories that she and her husband Ron have made with an old farm truck named “Isn’t that Special”. Well, we couldn’t agree any more, and we’d like to say we think they’re pretty special too!

Linda's back 3/4 of her 49 Chevy


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