"She always wanted an old truck"

Story by John Aschenberg & Linda Kitchens
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg & Owner
Linda Kitchens interior in her 49

Last but not least was the interior; now remember this project was done all in house as Linda and Ron did everything, yes including the upholstery. What once was the paint booth now became the upholstery shop, so after taking down the plastic curtains for the paint booth they set up camp to start sewing with a 1950s’ vintage industrial sewing machine they had acquired. With the clock still ticking away, they only had 9 days left till show time. A Painless wiring system was used in the electrical department while a Vintage Air A/C unit was chosen to keep everything cool inside the cab. To keep everything quiet and comfortable on the inside the fine folks at Dynamat were called upon for their great product before installing any interior. The Kitchens laid tan leather over Pontiac Grand Am seats, along with door panels from Rod Doors, including the console from an Olds Bravada. A square weave tan carpet was carefully installed in place while seat belts from Juliano’s complete the interior. Trimming out the dash was accomplished by installing Classis Instrument gauges while a Custom Auto sound system plays their favorite tunes while cruising down the road.

Linda's husbands makeshift paintbooth Rons paintbooth switched to sewing room Installing dynamat Working on interior

I’m sure by now you all get the picture that Linda and Ron were on a Timeline right down to the very last Amen. With only one day left till show time, the Kitchens were still burning the late midnight oil, we’re talking a hood, grille, doors, and other miscellaneous items not yet installed. The show was on the 18th of January, and the truck was driven in under its own power on the 17th, the night before with still a few items still not completed yet. With a lot of hard work and determination, the Kitchens pulled it off, it was a total success. Linda and Ron not only won their class, but they also took home the honors of outstanding use of color and outstanding interior. Now how’s that for team work along with a lot of long days and nights, continuously working in the shop in a short six month time frame.

Still assembling truck at first show Truck is completed for the first show Linda's interior Linda's guages

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