One of a Kind Beauty!

“The Princess Diana”

Copy by - John Aschenberg
Photos by – John Aschenberg
Donna Downs' 1934 Cabriolet Hupmobile Front 3/4

The Hupmobile is a very rare car today, as most people under the age of 60 may have never heard of them. The Hupp Motor Car Company was founded on November 8th, 1908 in a rented factory in Detroit, Michigan. Robert C. Hupp had been in the automobile business for several years, working for a number of automobile companies including Ford Motor Co. (1906-1907). The Hupmobile was produced from 1909 thru 1940, with a total of 500,000 automobiles being built over a 30 year period with 1929 being their best production year of over 53,300 cars.. One of the rarest Hupmobiles ever produced was the '34 Model K421Cabriolet, with just a little over 1000 units ever produced. Hupmobiles were known for participating in all types of competition, including around the world endurance trials; running in the 1932 Indianapolis 500 mile race, which it finished 5th; first police car for Detroit was a 1910 Hupmobile; were also used as General staff cars in WW1 to visit the front lines; and the list goes on. Hupmobiles were made for dependability, not speed, which is why there are many endurance records set by this brand of vehicle. So, it is understandable that a 1927 survey showed that over 40% Hupmobile owners were repeat buyers when it was time to replace the old model. Most parts are still available for these vehicles through clubs, antique automobile magazines, online vendors, etc. Now just like any Brand of vehicle if they are rare you could be walking a different walk..

Donna Downs' 1934 Cabriolet Hupmobile Back 3/4