One of a Kind Beauty!

“The Princess Diana”

Story by - John Aschenberg
Photos by – John Aschenberg
Donna Downs Front 3/4 View, driver's side.

Even though the build took two years on this One of a Kind Beauty called "The Princess Diana" you knew they were pleased. Some of the best enjoyment Butch and Donna would get is when curious onlookers would ask; What kind of vehicle is this? (Us included); What are the paint colors? Their most memorable experience was when they were one of the finalists for the Goodguys Street rod of The Year. We were at the show when they were interviewed and it was so neat to see them as one of the finalists. Some of you may be asking why are we show casing such an already widely viewed and published vehicle so many years later. Well, shortly after we did the photo shoot Butch took ill. The outcome for Donna was not good and she lost her husband, best friend, and confidant. We gave Donna her space as some people need an unlimited amount of time. We still felt that the beautiful Princess Diana needed to be featured no matter how long it has been finished. You know not all of us get to the same car shows that these cars and owners go to during a year. So, those who have never seen this beauty at a show, feast your eyes on this One of a Kind Beauty.

Donna Downs Front 3/4 View, rider's side