Hot Rod Girl

“A Hot Rodder From the Get Go”

Story by John Aschenberg & Allison Holt
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Allison Holt's 1940 Chevy Truck

We all have a story of how we got started in hot rodding. Well this is a story of a young lady who practically got started when she was just two weeks old. She would spend her days in a special room within the shop that her father Bill Holt owned, being looked after by her grandmother. This young lady hot rodder we’re talking about is Allison Holt from Jacksonville, Arkansas. Allison began riding four wheelers at the age of five, and then started racing them at age nine. At the age of 12 she started driving her Grandpa’s truck up and down the back roads of Arkansas. Down in her dads shop there was always some sort of project going on, whether it was a circle track car, a dragster or some old hot rod being constructed. Allison and her Grandpa W.T. Holt built her very first show car when she was only 13, a ’55 Chevy two door post car which she drove to several local car shows, with adult supervision riding with her of course, winning countless trophies along the way.

Allison Holt's 1940 Chevy front Farmall radiator with King Bee Headlights

Allison got wind of a ’40 Chevy truck cab through Bill Frye, a friend of the family. The truck cab was in an open shed behind Bill’s shop, Frye Motorsports. Allison and her Grandpa hooked up the trailer, where they made the 75 mile trip in a hurry before the owner could change his mind. Before Grandpa could even get stopped, Allison had jumped out of the truck and ran through a bunch of weeds and bugs just to get a better look at the cab. After further inspection they discovered that 3 inches from the bottom up it had rusted, but nothing they couldn’t repair, other than that, the ole cab was in pretty fair shape including the glass.

Allison Holt's 40 Chevy cusom bed out of Cherry wood planks

After getting the cab back home and in the shop, Allison started sanding with the DA sander stripping the four layers of old paint off. After that they channeled it 6 inches over a ’32 Ford frame and made a new floor from 16 gauge cold rolled metal. They found an original ‘1927 Farmall radiator housing that they cut down to fit a ’32 Ford radiator to take up residency in front to replace where an old grille once sat. Responsible for going over the body with a fine tooth comb was shared by Allison, her father Bill and Grandpa W.T. Holt. Once the body was void of all flaws Jim Sullivan from “NLR” North Little Rock, Arkansas was the man responsible for spraying on the Hot Rod black paint. A set of King Bee headlights were used up front for lighting up the road ahead while a pair of Trailer L.E.D. taillights light up the back. To finish off the look Allison sat down with friend Kelsey Dum also from NLR, Ar. to pick out the colors needed to pull it all together for the pin stripes, and Kelsey went wild with the striping just like Allison had hoped for. For the bed, a newer Chevy bed was used with custom made Cherry wood planks cut to size which by the way came right out of Allison’s parents’ back yard.