Goodguys Nashville Nationals 2011

AutoCross Happenings...the people and the cars!

  • Last year John and I could just stand and watch all the happenings of the AutoCross at several of the Goodguys events. Well this year when we decided to make the trek for the first time down to the Nashville Nationals, held at LP Field home stadium of the Tennessee Titans, I made up my mind that I would ride with one of the drivers of the AutoCross before the weekend was up. Yes, I know you are wondering did it happen. Well, just scroll through the pictures to find out the answer to your question.

    Let me tell you after watching the various drivers displaying their skills, you definitely realize very quickly that it takes a lot of concentration to wip through the roadcourse as quick as possible for each driver. After they go through the course the first time they determine what turns are the hardest and how they need to drive to improve their timing for the next run. Yes, I really believe this is a sport for those who want to improve their driving skills on and off the road course. I have spoke with several who stated that after doing the road course many times at different events they seem to be more aware of their surroundings when driving their daily driver back home. Enjoy the many shots we managed to capture at this years Nashville Nationals AutoCross.

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    Experiencing the road course...
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  • Yes, if you wondered if that is me in Brandi Morrow's Speed by Spectre 2nd Gen Camaro, you are right. I finally got a ride and attempted to video tape her driving. What an experience and such fun...

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  • More AutoCross Coverage...
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  • And to think the happenings of the Nashville Nationals is on the sacred grounds of where the Tennesse Titans play their home games! Impressive Stadium. You need to be here in person to enjoy the view.

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  • If you have never been to the Nashville show, I highly recommend the venue. As you can see the grounds are great and the scenry of downtown is really nice. The nice thing about this location, downtown Nashville is within walking distance from the grounds...

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