Goodguys Nashville Nationals2011

Show Cars, Auto Cross and more...

  • This year on May 20th through May 22nd John and I hopped in our daily driver and pointed the ole Buick in the direction of Nashville Tennesse. For the first time we attended the Bridgestone Nashville Nationals. Let me tell you we weren't disappointed wtih the show. We knew from what several friends had told us in the past that we would love the grounds. The show is held at the LP Field Tennesse Titan Stadium, home of the Tennesse Titans and let me tell you it was a Wow factor for us when we arrived at the grounds. Titan Stadium alone is something to view and the grounds around the stadium is peppered with plenty of shade trees. Anyplace you stand at the show you can't help but see the beauty of downtown Nashville. Besides seeing the downtown just a stones throw away, the walk is just as close to visit any of the downtown businesses.

    On grounds you have plenty to entertain you with: Pros Builders area, venders, and don't forget the Auto Cross venue that is growing by leaps and bounds. This is the up and coming action that is happening at many of the Goodguys Events. Before you buck the idea, you need to take a ride with one of the participants of the Auto Cross event. I did that very thing at this show and many other shows since and I'll tell you I am hooked. Besides all of that you get the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones. This was one of those bucket list items that we had down and were able to finally mark it off our list. If you haven't been to the show add it to your list.

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  • Here's a group of hot rodders that just want to have fun. They are definitely doing the fun part. They are going to see all the sites, sound, and friends the easy way...cruising the grounds in the back of a cool pick em up truck. What a sweet ride!

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