Teresa Stucky - McKinney Corporation

interview and photos by Julia Aschenberg

Teresa Stucky

LIA Mag: Today we are here at McKinney Corporation talking to Teresa Stucky. I got to know Teresa when I worked for Mckinney Corporation right out of College. I thought Teresa would be a good reference person to interview because of her valuable information she could give to other women who want to get into the automotive racing industry. Hi Teresa

Teresa: Hi Julie

LIA Mag: Prior to McKinney Corporation where did you work?

Teresa: : I have a degree in Landscape Architecture and I was working for a local landscaping firm not necessarily as a designer but as a landscaper on a crew and I did that for three years.

LIA Mag: You do those tasks and more, right?

Teresa: Currently I am now more of a Sales Manager slash Production Manager. I still answer the sales calls and enter those orders in to be filled and shipped. I am sometimes tech support.

LIA Mag: Okay in tech support as in what type of questions are you answering?

Teresa: What kind of bracket a customer needs. If there was a new rule change then what type of items they would need to update their chassis. If a customer wants to mount a particular item, I try to help them with bracket or tabs that we make to help them in mounting those items.

LIA Mag: Why don't you run us through a typical day for you here at McKinney Corp. I know from working with you that a normal day can vary from one day to the next day. Just run us through from first thing in the morning until you ship packages out at 4:00/4:30 p.m.

Teresa: When I first get here in the morning I try to finish up what I was working on the day before, which is sometimes a couple of different projects. I listen to my voice mails. I check the e-commerce site for new orders from the night before. Follow-up with customers who have placed orders when I have questions, such as if there is a substitute for a part they need when we are out of that particular part. If they need additional parts and do...Because of the nature of the business things always have to happen quickly when a customer calls and says that they broke something and they need it in a hurry. If we don't have a put together item it is my job to find out how and when...

LIA Mag: I saw recently that you went to the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School...how did it come about...

Teresa:It was kind of funny. I was kind of in a rut. The day-to-day work even though my day is different all the time. I felt I needed a wake me up call, something different. I was talking to one of the guys down there at Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School and ask about their classes. He said they have a gas dragster school and you could do that if you wanted to and I said all right I'll look into that. The employee emailed me the information and from there I asked my husband, Bob, if he thought it would be okay. He kind of looked at me funny. Bob said...

LIA Mag: So did you have yourself a good reaction time?.

Teresa: No, No, No I've never done anything...I was so nervous that I thought I was going...It was in the month of July in Florida, so it was very hot. Sitting in that little bitty cockpit, being strapped down and waiting my turn to go was just nervous. I was trying to remember everything that you have to do. Not that the steps...

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