Michelle Knight

Communication Director
International Aero Products


Interview by Julia Aschenberg
Videographer – John Aschenberg

I and the staff of LIA Magazine had the opportunity to meet Michelle Knight through Jo Coddington. From the moment we met Michelle it seemed like we had known her for many years. She is quite pleasant to talk to and knowledgable beyond her years for no longer than she has been in the automotive industry. For those of you that don't know her or the company that she works for, International Aero Products, be sure to stop and talk to her when you get a chance. Michelle has a vast array of information of products to make your car appearance look spectactor. We sat down with Michelle to find out how she became involved with the industry. We found out what degree she earned at college and how well that job fits her current job. We also was impressed with her knowledge of the company products and what all they can be sued for on your vehicle or in and around the home. Please be sure to watch the videos to find out what fantastic products International Aero Products has for you auto enthusiasts! Thank you Michelle for taking the time to talk with us.




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