Leona Johnson

Office Manager for NAPA Auto Parts

Story by Julia Aschenberg
Video & Photos by – Author and John Aschenberg
Leona Johnson - Standing by their 67 Impala

When you meet various people in the automotive industry your first thoughts probably are not how did you first become involved in this great sport. Well for myself and my husband, John, we are just like a lot of you out there in the hot rodding world. We met Leona Johnson and husband, Mike about seven years ago at a Goodguys Cruise stop held at Tolle Roads Customs. For me it was nice to talk to another gal that seemed to enjoy the sport as much as I did at the time. It wasn't until 2009 when we did the Goodguys Cruise from Des Moines IA to Columbus Oh where we had a stop in Mount Vernon at the NAPA Distribution Center. That is when we learned Leona is the Office Manager for NAPA Autoparts in Mount Veron Illinois and was instrumental in organizing this particular stop with the Goodguys Cruise that year.

Leona Johnson - NAPA Automotive Office Manager at Mount Vernon

We spoke with Leona at that time asking her if she would be interested in being in a Who's Who article for LIA Magazine. She agreed to doing an interview with us. I am sure that all of you are wondering why it took us so long to get this to happen. We wanted her and us to be at the perfect place to do the article. This article is not about what her job consist of at NAPA. I am sure that most people can imagine what an Office Manager would do at a place of buisness. So, we'll leave those thoughts with each and everyone of you. If you do not realize it NAPA has a huge involvement in the after market of parts for automobiles of any year and make. You ask for it and most generally NAPA has a part that will fit the bill. Leona works for a NAPA Distribution Center in Mount Vernon Illinois, which ships out more parts than you can imagine daily to you the customers. She is located at one of many distribution centers across the USA, however, what LIA Magazine wanted to know was about her involvement in Street Rodding. What is a typical car show weekend for her? What part of the automotive industry does she really enjoy? The mighty engines, particular make and model, the people, cars or a combination of both...or what?

Leona Johnson - With the 2009 Goodguys Cruise group

This year we finally found the time and place that would work for both of us. We met one another at the new Speedway Nationals show held at the sacred grounds of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I spoke with Leona before the interview so that she could get a feel of what questions I would be asking her. This Who's Who would be different from what our magazines has done in the past. All of you will be able to see a video of the interview instead of reading an article. This will be as if you are part of the audience. We decided this year to begin video taping our articles and present them to you our viewer. Click on the video below and enjoy what Leona and I talked about. 

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