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Your LIA Lady - Julia Aschenberg

story and photos by John Aschenberg

Julia Aschenberg is a Lady with a passion and love for automobiles, whether it be a street rod, custom, muscle car, hot rod, or any type of race car. Her passion to photograph them began back in 1975 at the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis. From there she started her own photography business, "Crystal Clear Photography", doing portraits and weddings. However, that wasn't the real calling. She loved shooting cars, so after hooking up with an editor for Car Craft Magazine to critique her work, she was off and running heading out to various car shows in the midwest doing event coverage, and shooting car features.

Rest assured, this journey for Julia hasn't been easy, having to prove herself again and again being a woman photographing cars for magazines in a man's world. Not one to give up easily, she plugged away proving she's the real deal and not anyone was going to scare her off. After many years of hard work she has shot features for over 20 different publications. She has had numerous cars on the covers and hundreds upon hundreds of cars and trucks featured.

Many years ago she was fortunate to hook-up with a very well known and respected car photographer, Scott Killeen, who own's and creates "BUILD BOOK". Scott was very instrumental in fine tuning Julia's already talented abilities with her cameras and creativity.

After many years of hard work, freelancing for the various car magazines, Julia had been thinking long and hard about something different. She came to realize there wasn't an all ladies magazine, one geared around them and their talents.

Her vision is to create a magazine for the women to communicate their ideas and knowledge amongst themselves.

It's to let the women be recognized not only with their cars, but also those who have a lot of talented abilities, such as welders, painters, fabricators, engineers, CEOs, racers, and pinstripers, just to name a few.

This is how she came up with a ladies magazine, called LIA,"Ladies in Autosports", which is online.

It is with great pleasure to introduce to you my wife, Julia, the owner and editor-in-chief of LIA Magazine.

So come on ladies, with your help, ideas and encouragement we can make LIA Magazine one class act online!