Gasoline Girls

A Southern California Car Club

Story by Julia Aschenberg
Photos by – Author and John Aschenberg
Gasoline Girls Logo

What is the Southern California Gasoline Girls car club you ask? First they are a club who have a common passion? What is that common passion? Of course it is cars! However, the club is more than just their cars. They want to collectively learn how to keep their cars rolling down the road. The club wants to encourage and inspire other women to become familiar and knowledgeable as well. The group of gals want to demonstrate and help other women to learn how to be hands on with their vehicles. Most of these gals have a love for the classices, however, they will never discriminate.

Becky Sue Huff - Co Founder

The founding members of the Gasoline Girls are as follows: Kristin Martin (co-founder) - owns a '55 Studebaker Champion and '60 Ford Falcon; Becky Sue Huff (co-founder) - owns '52 Packard Mayfair and '61 Mercury Comet; Lori Bentley Law (founding member) - owns '48 Ford F1 and '77 Triumph Bonneville * '66 Yamaha YM1 * '76 Honda TL 125 * '04 Harley-Davidson XL1200R * '04 Triumph Bonneville; Rosa Rovira (founding member) - owns '65 Ford Falcon; and Pati Fairchild (newest member) - owns '61 Chrysler New Yorker * '51 Chevy 5W Pkup * '52 Dodge Coronet * '49 Dodge Coronet * '73 Datsun 240z and '61 Corvette. Yes the club might be small, however, you should see what shows they go to as a group and the good they do like pairing up the Rosie's Girls for a day car fun. Be sure to check out their website to obtain more information for those of you gals that are interested.



Lori Bentley Law - Founding Member


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