Brandy Morrow

Marketing Manager for Speed by Spectre

Story by Julia Aschenberg
Video & Photos by – Author and John Aschenberg
Brandy Morrow out in the Speed by Spectre 2nd Gen Camaro enjoying driving the Autocross

I met Brandy Morrow about three years ago at the Speed by Spectre booth at the Columbus Goodguys Event in Columbus Ohio. The first time we met we hit it off from the beginning. Brandy is the type of person that makes you feel like you have been friends for years. She has a very bubbly and likeable personality which makes it very easy for anyone to approach her. With the type of job that she has, marketing, with Speed by Spectre, that is a very good trait. Imagine a young kid fresh out of high school trying to decide what they want to do with their life. That is exactly what Brandy did when she graduated from high school. Now she thought that she was going for a degree that would be her area of interest for a professional career. As we all know that may not necessarily be the case with our life endeavors.

Brandy conversing with Mike from Speed by Spectre and Greg from Ride Tech

Yes, I have known Brandy a mere short three years. Having been around her I figured she went to school for a degree in business or something to do in the automotive industry. Well, you all are wondering, did she? Well no she did not, however, she found out immediately after graduating college where her true passion lie and set about putting everything in motion for herself

Brandy Morrow taking time out from the autocross to sign a poster for spectators

Currently she works for Speed by Spectre doing marketing in house and with their rolling billboard Semi-trucks. I can attest that after walking up to Brandy and only talking for a short time she understands their company. She knows the Speed by Spectre products and which air filter or induction system would be best for your application. Be sure to look at all the videos that give you the inside scoop about Brandy, the company she works for, and the products they sell! Click below to play the video.

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