Tech Talk

“Installing Dynamat & Dynaliner”

Story by Julia Aschenberg
Photos by – By All Who Helped With The 62
LIA Lady's 1962 Ford Unibody

Hi everyone, this is LIA Lady, Julie. In our household we have one driveable vehicle, a 1966 Impala Wagon and our Project 69 Z28. I always wanted my own vehicle some day, and well a year ago August that some day came along. I found myself a locally owned 1962 Ford Unibody Truck. I did several different minor mods before we got it out on the road this summer. One of the things my husband and I both decided that needed to be done was to make the cab quieter along with eliminating engine heat. We began by stripping the inside of the cab. The first thing that needed to be done was to sweep and clean the cab. Once that was completed, my daughter and brother began installing the Dynamat throughout the complete cab. After the product was installed we next installed the Dynaliner. Both products went on the floor, cow, back cab, ceiling, and also inside the doors. Once we had the dynamat and dynaliner installed we put down new carpet that we purchased from Carolina Classics. With the Cab complete we were ready for the summer car show season. We were anxious to see how well we would fair with the midwest heat. After our Goodguys Iowa to Ohio car cruise we are excited to say that without air the cab was realatively cool and noise free. We are ready when we get to that stage to install Dynamat and Dynaliner in our Project Z.

Here are the materials we installed in the Cab. It is also nice to have the gloves. I cut myself many times on the foil when not wearing them. The heavy duty rolling tool along with a pair of scissors works great!

Dynamat for the 62 Cab More Dynamat supplies, roller, and gloves











Of course to keep this automotive sport going you need to make it fun for the grandkids! Adam was a huge help in cleaning out the inside of the cab. We are preparing it to install Dynamat and Dynaliner. As you can see we swept and then cleaned the bear metal.

LIA Lady sweeping out cab Grandson helping with the degreasing











After reading the dynamat instructions we decided to use a degreaser to clean all the surfaces in the cab. So, that is how the inside of the cab got so clean before installing the Dynamat.

One of the tricks I found with installing the dynamat is that scissors works great to cut the product. Also it really is a good idea to wear the gloves, as my granddaughter Jessica is doing here. If you don’t wear them you could end up with a lot of cuts from the foil, as my daughter can attest to that fact.

LIA Lady and grandson cleaning cab LIA Lady granddaughter checking out the gloves