Family Ties

"My first time driving the car I was in love"

Story by Julia Aschenberg
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Marie's 32 Ford Coupe front 3/4 view

Marie's '32 Ford 5 window coupe might be too simple for some folks, however, for us it is what hot rodding is all about. It reminds us of all the stories our parents told us about these ole '32s back in the day. She told us when Henry got the '32 done and she drove it for the first time, she was "in love". One of Marie's biggest joys is passing down her love of hot rodding to her Grandchildren, Gabriel, Lula, & Rainer by giving them rides. She especially loves giving her granddaughter Lula rides. Marie said they are little but they get what hot rodding is all about. What a way to pass on a legacy from generation to generation!

Marie used 39 Tail Lights Marie's decals in the side windows Shot skimmed down side of 32 Trunk of Marie's 32 Ford