Small Town Pride

“Keeping it all in the Family”

Copy by John Aschenberg
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Michelle Harvey's 1968 Camaro Front 3/4

Growing up in a small town and coming from a hard working family definitely has its advantages. Putting a little grease under your fingernails never hurt anyone or any girl for that matter. Such is the case for a hard working young lady from Dunlap, Tn. Michelle Harvey is her name, and building hot cars is her game. Michelle comes from one of those hard working families where she has several brothers, a sister along with her parents who all played a big part in teaching her auto mechanics. Her first car was an '83 Olds Cutlass that she bought from her brother Darryl, which she wishes she still had today. Michelle has fond memories growing up, when her sister Denise taught her how to change spark plugs when she was 14 years old, or the time her mother taught her how to change oil when she first started driving. Her father always encouraged his kids to try things on their own, and if they needed help he was there to help and guide them along the way. Other, "all in the family activities" growing up for Michelle also included Tractor Pulls, Drag Racing and Mud Boggs.

Michelle Harvey's 1968 Camaro back 3/4

Michelle has always liked hot rods and muscle cars, however Camaro's were always a favorite. While in high school her cousin owned a Camaro who lived right across the street, and she always kept it cleaned and shiny for him. Michelle's brother Chris Harvey found a '68 Camaro for her that ran and drove but needed a lot of attention overall. Her intentions were to paint it copper or dark blue, when finished.


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