“One cool Woman in a Black Chevelle”

Story by John Aschenberg & Glenda Rico
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg and Douglas Mills
Glenda Rico's LIA Magazine award winning '66

Glenda’s husband, Steve, went all out in building the ’66 so that she would be proud to own and drive her vehicle. He even went as far as getting her a clean up bag with the dusters, cleaners, polishers and many other goodies that goes along with owning a beautiful masterpiece. Now Steve wasn’t finished with just getting the bag of goodies for his wife. While lying in bed one night he told her he come up with the perfect specialty license plate, SHEvelle.  We had to shorten the name because of limited characters allowed. So, that is how the Shevele came about for her plate. Glenda stated that Steve not only enjoys watching her clean her gorgeous ’66 Shevele, he also loves being the passenger.  When they are attending a car show you can find Steve requesting Glenda’s favorite song, “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress”. It is only fitting to dub her as the “One cool Woman in a Black Chevelle”!

LIA Magazine Award Front of Glenda's 66 Glenda with her LIA award Glenda Rico's '66 side shot with convertiable down





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