“One cool Woman in a Black Chevelle”

Story by John Aschenberg & Glenda Rico
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Glenda Rico's dash and instrumentation

Peering inside the ’66 viewers will find again Glenda maintain the look like it came off the assembly line. Upon closer inspection one will find the super fine detail work of Glenda’s husband Steve. Steve is very happy that Glenda owns this fine Shevelle. Anyone who comes up and talks to him about the ’66, especially the interior, will find out just how particular he was on her car. Every nut and bolt was replaced; plus the side kick panels along with the fresh air vents were removed and repaired to be made fully functional. Steve even took the dash cluster apart, updated and repainted it for his wife. One of the difficult parts to locate was the window regulators, which was finally located in a salvage yard in East TN. Whenever possible they shipped off the chrome to a GA shop to be refurbished. Steve wanted to car to be perfect in every way possible for Glenda. Even though the car was all original there were two things that he felt was a must have for his lovely wife. Since it is a convertible the car didn’t originally have air, however, Steve did modifications to add the Vintage Air. He also equipped the ’66 with power door locks. By looking at the exterior and interior anyone who looks at the convertible is hard pressed to even realize that the car was originally lemonwood yellow. That is because they both decided that they wanted the car to be triple black, black convertible, black exterior, and black interior. We have to say they did an excellent job of covering up every square inch of the yellow.

Close up of instrumentation Floor console Glenda's trunk interiorGlenda's interior

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