Class Champion ZZ57

"Cindy Campbell's ISCA Contender"

Copy by John Aschenberg
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Cindy Campbell's ZZ57 Chevy front 3/4 shot

What does it take to be a contender let alone a champion? To be a contender it takes determination, patience and time. Well for Cindy Campbell from Wetumpka, Alabama it took all these abilities plus the love of being involved in cars all her life through racing. Cindy wanted to be more than a contender, she wanted to build a class champion show car. With the help of her husband Noniel, they set their eyes on the prize. Well that's exactly what they did, by finding this 1957 Chevy 2 door hardtop that a friend of theirs had. Cindy said the ole bow-tie was in pieces when they acquired it, so with trailer in hand they loaded up the '57, boxes of parts and all and hauled it home for a complete makeover.

Cindy Campbell's 57 Chevy front and side view Using laser for the stripes under the hood

The car had been started by their friend and in primer, but after getting it home to get ready for paint, they realized it needed new quarter panels, rocker panels and a trunk panel. So Cindy, along with Noniel and friend David Rye, set out on a plan for the ole bow-tie and never looked back. That plan included many custom touches besides all the new body panels being installed. The list included shaved door handles, one piece bumpers, custom built one piece front and rear roll pans, custom exhaust, smoothed dash and tubbed rear wheel wells. A custom grille was made out of carbon fiber while a fiberglass hood replaces the old original one made by Allyson Rod Shop. After all the body work was completed by Noniel and David, it was time for paint. Friend David Rye from Titus, Alabama laid on several coats of PPG Pewter silver paint giving it that wet glossy look we all achieve for. After the Pewter silver was dry, next up was to lay down the beautiful red racing stripes which Cindy said was extremely difficult and had to use a laser to get them straight. These stripes not only are on the outside of the car but they also run under the car and all throughout the inside including the headliner and glove box. With the body complete next up is the chassis.