Beverly's Build

“Truly a Father - Daughter Love Affair with a '68 Camaro”
PPG Columbus Goodguys First Recipient of the LIA Lady Award


Copy by LIA Magazine
Photos by – Brandon Flannery
Beverly Logsdon receiving the LIA Award

Here at LIA Magazine we are all about recognizing women in the automotive industry. We have been doing this for the last five years here at the magazine. By going to different events and talking to the ladies. Putting up the show coverage and here is one of those events. We also showcase any How To's that the different ladies or men want to share, doing in depth stories on ladies in our Who's Who section, and lastly showing the various ladies rides. For the past four years we have given away what we call our LIA Lady Award. This trophy is a handbuilt custom milled billet and anodized aluminum statue built for our magazine by Wet-Tech, Inc.., which many call it a stunner! Many of the ladies and their significant other would say to us okay another trophy, however, when they both see this award they both agree almost instantly that they have a special shelf that it will be sitting on for all to see.

Beverly Logsdon in line for LIA Award

Last year Goodguys Rod and Custom Association teamed up with our magazine to help us honor a female hot rodder at the PPG Goodguys Nationals in Columbus Ohio. This was a special women's only award. We are happy that Goodguys is joining forces in helping us to honor ladies and their rides. Last year's award is just the beginning of our joined efforts to recognize women's rides and there are many more to come in the future. So with the announcement on the Goodguys website we knew there was work ahead of us at the show to find that ride that fit the bill of a lady owned vehicle that is involved in this industry in one facet or another. This could be a lady who belongs to a local, state or national club; works for a company that is heavily involved in the industry; helps her significant other in the garage on her vehicle as well as others. She could be a welder, fabricator, upholster, painter, pin striper, etc. Our magazine is about promoting these ladies that are heavily involved in the automotive industry and hobby. This is what our LIA Magazine award represents when given to a lady owned vehicle!

LIA Lady Julia talking with John Drummond LIA Magazine custom billet trophy

On the following pages is the story of Beverly Logsdon's and her 1968 Camaro. We believe that for the first LIA Lady Award given at the Goodguys PPG Nationals we picked the perfect car and owner. So ladies remember, this year at the 2014 PPG Goodguys Nationals in Columbus Ohio we'll be on our mission again to find the right lady for the award!

Far right image - LIA Lady, Julia, being interviewed by John Drummond of Goodguys before giving the award to Beverly.


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