Feature Stories

  • Randy LaFrance's 1930 Ford 5-W Coupe

    "A Sixteen Year Journey"
    '30 Ford 5-W Coupe

  • The word journey can have several definitions; one example would be the act of traveling from one place to another. Well this is the story of a lady and her 1930 Ford Model A 5 window Coupe that she calls Sheneeda....(Partial Feature)


  • Ladies of Autocross

    Ladies of Autocross!
    "Girls Gotta Have Toys Too"

  • Yes, women like their toys too...and in some cases they like fast toys. The women you see on this page and the next two pages are just a spec of the many women who love autocross. Autocross is a safe sport that you manuever your vehicle through a defined course, which is timed.....(Full Feature)


  • Donna Downs 1934 Cabriole

    One of a Kind Beauty!
    “The Princess Diana”
    '34 Hupmobile Cabriole

  • The Hupmobile is a very rare car today, as most people under the age of 60 may have never heard of them. The Hupp Motor Car Company was founded on November 8th, 1908 in a rented factory in Detroit, Michigan. Robert C. Hupp had been in the automobile business for several years....(Full Feature)


  • Carrie Strange's 1964 Chevy Corvair

    Corvair With An Attitude!
    "Strange Motion's Calling Card"
    '64 Chevy Corvair

  • In this day and age, daring to be different is still the name of the game...Corvair with an Attitude...her custom ride fits her perfectly!...Dynamic Duo” due to their love and passion for building custom cars....(Full Feature)


  • Sara Barnard's 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon

    Teacher's Delight
    "Family Fun in a Wagon"
    '59 Ford Ranch Wagon

  • Years ago when the station wagon scene exploded, we all just thought it would be a fad ...its the perfect car to have... Such is the case for Sara, who is a pre-school teacher...plenty of room when ....(Full Feature)


  • Samatha Rawson 1965 Ford Falcon

    Love At First Sight
    "Let's Make A Deal"
    '65 Ford Falcon

  • Have you ever gone somewhere and saw that one thing that just knocks your socks off, and deep down inside you know you just have to own it. This is what happened to this young lady....(Full Feature)



Past Features
  • Big Bad Brute - Denielle Armstrong - '62 Chrysler 300 Sport

  • The Runt - Gerry Kerna - '62 Chevy II

  • Miss Ellie's Ride - Ellie Wolk - '70 Ford Maverick

  • "Farewell to our Hot Rod Friend" - Jack Trepanier - 1943 – 2014

  • Beverly's Build - Beverly Logsdon - '68 Chevy Camaro

  • Project Shorty - LIA Lady Julia - '62 Ford Unibody Pickup

  • Timeline - Linda Kitchen - '49 Chevy Pickup

  • Hot Rod Girl - Allison Holt - '40 Chevy Pickup

  • Shevelle - Glenda Rico - '66 Chevy Chevelle

  • Waiting Game - Marcia Seifert - '52 Chevy Pickup

  • Determination - Jeanne Lachmiller - '33 Ford

  • Keeping The Faith - Linda Keel - '55 Chevy

  • Shelly's Surprise - Bill Schultz - '65 Chevy Nova

  • Project Hauler - Cheryl Kaiser's - '29 Ford Model A Pickup

  • Bittersweet - Jessica Kilby's - '50 Chevy 5 Window Pickup

  • Renee's Ride - Renee Cravens' - '36 Chevy Coupe

  • Maggie's Magnificent Masterpiece - Maggie Anderson's - '34 Ford Woodie

  • Shirley's "Grocery Getter" - Shirley Muldowney's - '40 Plymouth

  • Kitchen's Kool Longroof - Vikki Kitchen's - '57 Chevy 4dr Wagon

  • "Toys-R-Us" - Dianne Towe's - '29 Ford Roadster Pickup

  • Fun Times at Hot Rod High - Roseville High School's - '51 Ford

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