World of Wheels

57th Annual
Indianapolis State Fair Grounds, Indianapolis Indiana

  • 1920s Ford
  • Photos by Adam Riehle & John Aschenberg
    Story by Julia Aschenberg

    What should a person do when there is a winter indoor hot rod show in your backyard, especially when you are talking about the midwest states? Go to it right, well duh!! Shame on us it has been at least 5+ years since we have been to our World of Wheels in Indianapolis Indiana. Everytime that show rolled around it seemed like we already had other obligations. So this year we decided to go for a particular reason. We knew it would perfect show and the big plus there would not be loud noises. That noise part wasn't for our benefit.

    This year we decided that to get our granddaughter to get the best effect of hot rods without the noise this would be the show. Up to this point this little kiddo was not fond of car shows at all. In fact she could start crying without any notice, we believe from the noise. So, with our daughter knowing the plan, we were to stay overnight at their place and get up the next morning to head to Indy by way of Crawfordsville. The night before while I was laying down with our grandaughter our conversation went sort of like this:

    Granddaughter: Grandma we are needing to take my stroller to where we are going tomorrow?

    Me: I said yes we do. We don't want your little legs to get tired.

    Granddaughter: Oh. Grandma are we going to a car show?

    Me: Yes sweetie we are going to a car show that is inside a building.

    Granddaughter: Oh, Grandma are don't like car shows.

    Me: Honey I know you don't.

    The next day we took our time getting up and packing everything to make it enjoyable for both Grandchildren. For our grandson that isn't a problem. So on our way to the World of Wheels we knew we need to have their tummies full of food plus bring plenty of snacks at the show. So we stopped at Brownsburg to get lunch for all of us.

    With all of our tum tums full we headed to the Indianapolis State Fair Grounds. Once we had arrived we headed to the building where the cars were on display. I had my little point and shoot camera just in case if our granddaughter wanted to be just like brother and take pictures. We got to the show had the camera out and she took a few pictures in the beginning. Now, mind you she is only 3 years old and her brother is only 7. He has taken to photography like a duck in water. He is actually very good for his age. After about 15 minutes our grandson asked if we could split up. The guys go together and my granddaughter and I go enjoy the show. We did that for a little bit. What helped her at the very start to like the show was the little tear drop travel trailers. I believe she liked it because mommy and daddy go camping with the kids a lot in the summer. After that we ran into different people we knew and she did something that shocked Grandpa & Grandma. We ran into Phil and Debbie Becker from Dwight IL. They had their Butterscotch 32 Ford on display. Debbie wanted to show our grandson something and took him around the car. Our granddaughter wanted to go to, however, it was too late. When Debbie and our grandson came back Debbie realized what happed and asked her if she wanted to go with her. She of course said yes and with holding Debbie's hand went with her without us going with her. She flipped that switch of not being so clingy. She absolutely loved the day, which made us happy.

    The show was a very nice show with many nice quality cars. This was definitely an excellent show to break a granddaughter into car shows. Her and her brother got to race slot cars, write with chaulk on a truck and just have a very good time. Of course we can't forget the Motor Mouse that was on hand to hi five the kids, take pictures, etc. If our granddaughter could have her way she would have just followed that human mouse the complete day all over the show.

    Well it was a very successful show for us to take our grandchildren to this year. So much so that our granddaughter asked us about a week later when are we taking her to another car show. So, needles to say we are happy that she finally wants to go to a few car shows with us. If we are real careful we just might make a gearhead out of her in the future years!

  • Silver Ford Mustang Hatchback
  • 2Pontiac Firebird

  • 3Red Fastback Mustang
  • 4Jegs race car

  • 51968 Burgandy Convertable Chevelle
  • 61967 SS SuperSport White with black vinyl roof

  • 7Phil & Debbie Becker's Butterscotch 1932 Ford
  • 8Phill & Debbie Becker's Butterscotch 1932 Ford

  • 9Firetruck
  • 10Medium Blue 67 Nova Supersport with a 327

  • 11Light blue 65 Dodge with a Hemi under the hood
  • 12Hemi under the hood of the 65 Dodge

  • 13Old time Matel 4 lane race track
  • 14Red Pontiac Firebird race car

  • 15Trash Can pin stripped Large Econo Whupas
  • 16Pin stripped of Rat Fink

  • 17Surf board pin stripped Surf Zup
  • 18Interior of Gene and Erlene Elpers 66 Chevelle called Gun Metal

  • 19Front 3/4 of Gene & Erlene Elpers' 66 Chevelle
  • 20Gene & Erlene Elpers 454 Big Block in their 66 Chevelle

  • 21Grandson sitting in Hi Winders Soap Box Derby
  • 22Granddaughter siting in Hi Winders Soap Box Derby
  • The grandchildren were happy to sit in the Hi Winders soap box derby car.

  • 23Gary Goodin's 302 in his 69 Camaro
  • 24Gary Goodin's 1969 Camaro

  • 25Pin strippers painting items at the show
  • 26Pin stripping metal pieces completed

  • Our grandson enjoyed watching this particular pin stripper doing Rat Fink on a suitcase
  • Grandson enjoying watching the pin strippers at work!

  • 28The grandchildren doing the slot car racing with the help of Mike Lowhorn
  • 29The grandchildren doing the slot car racing with the help of Mike Lowhorn
  • We want to thank Mike Lowhorn for making the slot car racing so much fun for the grandchildren!

  • 30The grandchildren doing the slot car racing with the help of Mike Lowhorn
  • 31The grandchildren doing the slot car racing with the help of Mike Lowhorn

  • 32The grandchildren doing the slot car racing with the help of Mike Lowhorn
  • 33The slot car track was awesome

  • 34The granddaughter loved writing chaulk on the blackboard truck

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