PRI 2015

“The event for all your racing needs/adrenaline”
Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis Indiana

  • Photos by John & Julie Aschenberg
    Story by Julia Aschenberg

    What is the PRI (Performance Racig Industry) Indy Show? It is known as the most powerful business event for the racing motorsports professionals.

    What will you find at the trade show? You will feast your eyes on all the hot new racing products for the 2016 upcoming season. You will also have an abundance of opprtunities to learn various strategies for the business side of racing.

    So what is the best way to cover the show? You can go online to the, My Show Planner to create your agenda for the day or week, whichever applies for you. This planner is an app that can be downloaded to your smart phone that you can have right with you while attending the show.

    What was there to do at this years show? Before the actual start of the trade show there were plenty of conferences, seminars, workshops and a day at The Speedway. Beginning Wednesday through Saturday they had the championship for the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow (HROT) engine buildoff. The showofficially begins with the Grand Opening breakfast, which featured Brad Keselowski, the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion and 2010 NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion. Brad joined MAVTV’s Dave Despain on stage to share all their racing stories. From there you visit the outdoor/indoor exhibits including the machinery row. So if racing is your gig you need to set time aside for Dec 8-10, 2016 to attend this powerfull racing event.

  • #77 Blue Aspalt or dirt race car on display
  • 2Forgeline Racing & Performance Wheels booth

  • 31969 Yellow Z28 Camaro in SCE Gaskets booth
  • 41969 Yellow Z28 Camaro in SCE Gaskets booth

  • 5ARP booth
  • 6Davis Technologies booth

  • 7Keyser Manufacturing Booth

  • 8ISC Racers Tape Booth
  • 9Weld Engineering Wheels booth
  • 10Weld Engineering Wheels booth

  • 11Weld Engineering Wheels booth
  • 12Dirt Racer in Eibach booth

  • 13QuickJack booth
  • 14Chassis Jig

  • 15Holley booth

  • 16Tilton booth
  • 17Child getting helmet fitted in Simpson booth

  • 18Cool shirts booth
  • 19Manufacturing row

  • 20Professional Drag Racers Association booth
  • 21Professional Drag Racers Association booth

  • 22Hall of Champions 2015 vehicles on display
  • 23Pri Show 2015

  • 24Crowd at PRI Show
  • 25Crowd at PRI Show

  • Race only stairs at PRI

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