Louisville Street Rod Nationals 2014

45th Annual
Kentucky Fair and Expo Center

Day 1 begins with an abundance of cruising by us in our 62 Ford Unibody

    As many of you know big events are pretty much the same from one event to another. What makes the events fun is meeting up with friends, going to an event with friends, or meeting new friends at the events. There is another thing that makes events fun for many in a family and that is when you can share the event with the upcoming generation. We are talking about sharing your love of vehicles with your grand children. This year at the NSRA Louisville Nationals we were excited to be sharing this show with our Grandson, Adam. That wasn't the only neat thing for us this year. We also brought my '62 Ford Unibody truck instead of the usual '66 Chevy Impala wagon that many were used to seeing us in every year. We were always used to staying at the event for the whole day, however, we knew we couldn't do that with our grandson because that would be too much since he was only 5 years old. Well that first day was met with a little glitch at the beginning. The camera mom sent with him had a minor problem...it was broke and none of us didn't know it wouldn't work. As all of you know me, I had a reserve camera. I asked Adam if he wanted to try and use the big Pro Camera. We immediately got a SURE from him! John and I was absolutely amazed at how quickly he learned to use the digital SLR camera. (You can see his coverage of the show in the event section). We went to the show the first day not knowing what to expect, well he was a chip off the ole block when it comes to photography! He was snap happy all day. Boy were we glad that it was digital, since he snapped off over 400 images. If you're wondering, yes most of them were composed very well and in focus. WOW, amazing for such a young person. Us old folks have a hard time capturing images in focus. Well all three had a blast that first day and was looking forward the the rest of the weekend!

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  • Our little apprentice Adam trying to capture all the beautiful vehicles!
    What fun we had with him and look forward to this year at Louisville.
    Check out his photos in the event section!

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  • (29 - 36) Just a small sampling of the vendors we got to see with our grandson. Adam was trying to take it all in that first day. We kept reminding him he had the whole weekend to see everything. I Would love to have a Roush Motor in my 62 Ford Unibody.

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  • So, at the end of the day all must of gone very well.
    Adam still had a smile on his face!!

  • After all three of us worked hard that first day we headed back to the hotel early.
    It was time for relaxing in the pool before supper!

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