Goodguys DesMoines to Columbus Cruise 2013

Goodguys, Goodtimes, Goodpeople...

Kick-Off Party at Dave Ruhs

  • Kick-off party for the Iowa to Ohio Goodguys cruise. This was held at the shop of David Ruhs.

    The first year that Dave Ruhs had a party at his shop was very informal. It wasn't everyone in the cruise, however, it was just a small group of us that decided to not end our evening. We all sat around with our cars, talking cars, imagine that, and going over what we saw the past three days. Now, we were all talking about the upcoming week about the cool stops at various shops, museums, etc that we were going to see on way bound for the the Columbus Goodguys Nationals.

    Things has changed quite a bit for Dave and his wife Sandy who put on a great spread of food and drinks along with some great hospitality. He doesn't have just a small gathering of people, instead he has a mini cruise in at his shop. Dave just loves to make the cruise a huge success. His way of breaking the ice with any one new on the cruise is by having the Kick-off Party on Sunday night. This is really nice for everyone to meet up with old cruisers plus make some new friendships with anyone who has never done the cruise before. We all really get to relax after seeingthe three days of the Hearthland Nationals Show. Before Dave offered this it was difficult to get to know one another at the beginning of the cruise. By the end for the most part we all became one cruising family. Now with the Kick-off on Sunday we are able to get a jump start on forming the Crusing family before the cruise begins on Monday.

    The images you are looking at is five pages of fun. Each page is the Kick-Off Party followed by four days of cruising and stops. I hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed the cruise to the Columbus Goodguys Nationals. Maybe you will enjoy them so much that you'll want to join up with the rest of us cruisers some year.


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