Frog Follies

41st Annual
Vanderburgh County 4-H Center in Evansville

  • Plenty of parking spaces and shade is available for all in attendance.

  • Photos by Adam Riehle, John & Julie Aschenberg
    Story by Julia Aschenberg

    What is so different with the E’ville Frog Follies Show, put on by the E’ville Iron Club, compared to other shows that have over 4,000 registered vehicles in attendance just like the E’ville Iron. The Frog Follies proceeds goes to services, such as the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center in Evansville, that serves around 5,400 children and adults with disabilities. That is just only one of the charitable organizations that the E’ville Iron contributes to every year. In 2014 alone the club gave over $65,000 to their local Easter Seals. Where else can you find an organization that has given over $1.3 million since 1984. That is absolutely a phenomenal accomplishment! All of these facilities’ main goals are to help both the children and adults maximize their independence.

    With that being said the club gives several different awards at the end of the show, including our award that recognizes a lady owned vechicle. The award that everyone is honored to win is the Easter Seal Child and Adult pick. The club asks the child and adult Easter Seal Rep to pick their favorite vehicle of the show.

    The event itself has numerous activities throughout the weekend. Those that have been to the Frog Follies before know that the program is their go to book for knowing what events are for each day and the times. If you don’t have the program handy in your hands you can ask any one of the club members in the yellow shirts or go to the information booth.

    This year was super special for John and I as our daughter and her two children were able to come to the show. We were so excited since it had been approximately 15 years since she had attended this event. Many who had not seen her were so happy to catch up with her and meet her children. It was so neat and touching to see our daughter, Crystal, and Bob Bell to meet up after so many years. That is truly what these car shows are about. Meeting up with all your car show family. It is all our love of vehicles that bring the people together and form lasting friendships! Yes, we love going to our car shows, especially the Frog Follies. Be sure to attend the 42nd Frog Follies August 26th-28th!

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  • #3 Abby Wells Easter Seals Child Rep, Amy Clark Easter Seals Adult Rep at the Celebrity "Frog Follies"

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  • Yes, this is a pre '48 show

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  • #23 June Bates '47 Pontiac

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  • #24 So excited that the grandchildren got to come to a show their mother went to many times!

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  • Plenty of vendors on hand for the entire weekend

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  • Lots of cruising going on at the show all weekend long

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  • Dawn Westfall with her 41 Chevy was LIA Magazine's Award pick. LIA Lady Julia & Grandson Adam presented the award!

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  • #36 & 37 After working hard and packing his brain full of tips, Adam, our grandson, had to take time out to relax!

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