Frog Follie

37th Annual
Vanderburgh County 4-H Center in Evansville

  • Every August we point our vehicle in the direction of Evansville, Indiana to attend the world famous Frog Follies event put on by the Eville Iron Car Club. Yes, you heard me correctly when I said world famous. The show has seen visitors from places such as Alaska, Austrailia, Canada, and 48 of the US continental states through the years. That is quite an accomplishment for any organization to state. This show is known for their vast donation to charities through the years. Since the inception of the show to date they have donated over 2 million dollars to local charities. That is absolutely amazing! Because of those donations, alot of peoples lives have been helped due to the Eville Iron Club and you street rodders attending this event. We have talked and written about this show for years explaining the tremendous good the club does for their fellow human being. Don't just read about the show, come and experience the event first hand for yourself!

    For three days this show is packed with lots, and lots of things to see and do. The activites are endless. Of course you have the cruising that happens all weekend long, duh, that is a given. If you do not want to cruise, then there are many shade trees that you can sit under while watching others cruise in their beautiful rides. If you're looking for activites well there is plenty. Here is a small list of what is available: Early Bird Gets the Worm, Friday Night Boogy Bash, Forgy's Kids Games, Valve Cover Races, Swap Meet, Women's World, Volley Ball Competition, Bullfrog Races (Celebrity & Club), Saturday Meal and dance (for registered entrants), and plenty of other games for the kids and adults. All of these things is the meager registered fee for this year of $15. Yes you are reading it correctly. The fee is reasonable and like I stated before the purpose all goes for very good causes. So be sure to point your vehicle towards Evansville the weekend of August 24th through 26th. Looking forward to seeing many of you at the show!


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