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48 Hour Corvette Live Build!

Be sure to see the following pages for individual photos of the build.

Transforming a car or truck, no matter what its shape, into something better is what hot rodding is all about. On May 16th-18th of 2011 we attempted to take hot rodding to a whole new level with the 48 Hour Camaro build. Did we succeed? Hell Yeah we succeeded! That 67 Camaro has been on the road competing in events across the country ever since. The time has come to introduce the 48 Hour Corvette! On March 10th, we will once again attempt what many believe to be an impossible build. A typical eBay purchased 1972 Corvette will roll into the 48 Hour build center to be transformed into a fully equipped track monster. The build will take place over three sixteen-hour workdays. The entire build will be live streaming on YouTube with manufacturer specific question and answer sessions and interviews throughout. As the C3 is disassembled the parts that are not being reused will be available for purchase on eBay. How do we properly finish off a build of this nature? We take the car straight to the track after completion, that's how.

A Teaser Video


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